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2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Event Date Event Name Presenter Archive Link
9.9.2019 Developing precision medicine for sleep disordered breathingn Scott A. Sands, Ph.D Archive Link
5.20.2019 Neuronal Network for REM Sleep Regulation and Dysregulation Birendra N. Mallick Archive Link
5.06.2019 Neurobiology of
Sleep/wake transitions
Luis de Lecea, PhD Archive Link
4.22.2019 Experimental and computational approaches
to understanding the impact of sleep loss on
neurobehavioral performance
Melissa A. St, Hilaire, Ph.D Archive Link
4.8.2019 Learning and Sleep-Dependent Dendritic Spine Plasticity and Maintenance Wen-Biao Gan Archive Link
2.11.2019 Circadian and Sleep Dysregulation in Movement Disorders Aleksandar Videnovic, MD, MSc Archive Link
1.8.2019 Sleep-Dependent Memory Consolidation: Oscillations and Ensembles Sara Aton Archive Link