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Event Date Event Name Presenter Archive Link
10/05/2020 Sleep, the Immune System, and Cardiovascular Disease Fil Swirski, Cener of Biology, MGH, Harvard Medical School Archive Link
09/14/2020 Breathing New Life Into Old Signals
Enhanced Characterization Of Sleep Signals And Dynamics
Michael J. Prerau, PhD Archive Link
4.13.2020 Autoimmunity to amidated-hypocretin
and milecular mimicry to flu in type 1 narcolepsy
Emmanuel Mignot, M.D., Ph.D. Archive Link
4.06.2020 Regulation of sleep by Bmal1: Molecular and behavioral implications Ketema Paul, Ph.D., Professor Archive Link
3.04.2020 Circadian Genes, Rhythms and the Biology of Psychiatric Disorders Colleen A. McClung, PhD Archive Link
2.03.2020 Sleep from a Multidimensional Perspective:
Importance to Health and Functioning
Martica Hall, PhD Archive Link