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11/21/2022 HMS DSM Sleep Grand Rounds
Behavioural and social determinants of sleep and circadian health and their contributions to sleep and circadian health disparities
Shantha M.W. Rajaratnam, PhD, FAHMS
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11/07/2022 Disrupted Nighttime Sleep in Pediatric Narcolepsy Kiran Prasad Maski, MD Archive Link
10/31/2022 Sleep and Economic Outcomes in Low-Income Settings:
Experimental Evidence From Urban India
Gautam Rao, PhD
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10/24/2022 HMS DSM Sleep Grand Rounds
Sleep Health as Social Justice
Lauren Hale, PhD
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10/17/2022 Supporting Diversity in Sleep and Circadian Research Shilpy Dixit, PhD
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10/3/2022 Paradoxical (REM) Sleep Genesis and Function Pierre-Herve Luppi, PhD
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09/12/2022 Sleep and Emotional Memory Research:
Moving Forward in Uncertainty
Tony Cunningham, PhD
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08/1/2022 Daily Regulation of Mammalian Cell Function John O'Neil, PhD
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07/11/2022 REM Sleep Behavior Disorder:
A Window into the Dreaming Brain
Isabelle Arnulf, MD, PhD
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05/24/2022 The Road to Resident Physician Work-Hours Reform:
Challenging an Entrenched Culture Driven by Powerful Economics
Charles A. Czeisler, PhD, MD and Christopher P. Landrigan, MD, MPH
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05/02/2022 Circadian rhythms in women across the lifespan Diane B. Boivin, MD, PhD, Professor
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4/04/2022 Rhythms and Blues: Identifying the Core Features Kathleen R Merikangas, PhD
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3/07/2022 Central Respiratory Chemoreception and Arousal Patrice Guyenet, PhD
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2/07/2022 Sex differences in Sleep:
Impact of Biological Sex and Sex Steroids
Jessica A. Mong, PhD
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1/11/2022 Neurons That Regulate Torpor, a Hibernation-Like State in Mice Sinisa Hrvatin, PhD
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