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Event Date Event Name Presenter Archive Link MGB Only
05/31/22 Renal NIRS Monitoring in the NICU Valerie Y. Chock MD, MS, EPI Archive Link
05/24/22 Implementing Genomic Testing in Newborns Andy Bhattacharjee, Ph.D. Archive Link
05/17/22 Shine Improving neonatal intubation safety: The Shine trial Kate Hodgson, MD Archive Link
04/05/22 "PAS Review- Part 2" Terrie Inder, MBChB, MD; Anne Lee, MD MPH; Saila Ghanta, MD Archive Link
04/03/22 A Randomized Controlled Trail Investigating the Effect of L-Carnitine Supplementation on Growth Parameters in Preterm Infants Mandy Belfort, MD
Katherine Bell, MD Krysten North, MD
Archive Link
04/12/22 aEEG Refresher, Pitfalls, Case Discussions Mohamed El-Dib, MD
Aisling Garvey, MD
Archive Link
04/05/22 Language as a Critical Lens for Health Equity Rose Molina, MD, MPH Archive Link
03/29/22 Quality Improvement: Part 1 Maggie Everett Archive Link X
03/15/22 Perinatal Palliative Care - conversations and cases Simon Manning, MD Archive Link X
03/08/22 Dysphagia and Aspiration in Neonates Christopher J. Hartnick, MD & Cheryl Hersh, MA, CCC-SLP Archive Link
03/01/22 Case Presentations: Uses of Genomics in Neonatal Care Richard Parad, MD, MPH Archive LinkX
02/15/22 Getting SMART About Feedback Katherine Bell, MD Archive LinkX
02/08/22 Prematurity & Complex Congenital Heart
Disease: Risks of Prolonged PGE1 Infusion and
Extrauterine Growth Failure Management
Elisa Abdulhayoglu MD, MS Archive Link
02/01/22 Case Conference:
Juvenile Xanthogranuloma
Carmen Monthe-Dreze MD
Susan Quinn MS, NNP-BC
Corey Boyd MS, NNP-BC
Archive LinkX
1/25/22 Complex Decision Making in an Intensive Care Environment:
Perceived Practice Verses Observed Reality
Sarah A. Teele, MD, MSHPEd Archive Link
1/11/22 Cardiovascular Precision in the Transitional Period Patrick McNamara Archive Link