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Event Date Event Name Presenter Archive Link
11.25.2019 [2019 AICamp] Open Discussion: Challanges, Concerns and the Future of AI in Medicine Various Archive Link
11.25.2019 [2019 AICamp]Deep Learning in Medical Imaging-Oppurtunities and Challanges Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, PhD Archive Link
11.21.2019 [2019 AICamp] AI and Radiomics in Cardiac MRI Jihye Jang Archive Link
11.18.2019 [2019 AICamp] 3D Deep Learning Yongbin Sun Archive Link
11.4.2019 [2019 AICamp] Overall Survival Prediction of High Grade Glioma Based on Deep Transfer Learning in Combination with Radiomics Features Lei Qin, Ph.D Archive Link
11.4.2019 [2019 AICamp] Concept and Application of Transfer Learning and Domain Adaptation Xingchao Peng Archive Link
10.31.2019 [2019 AICamp] Machine Learning for Structured Clinical Data Brett Beaulieu-Jones, PhD Archive Link
10.24.2019 [2019 AICamp] Revealing minor sources of variation in scRNA-seq using conditional VAEs Gokcen Eraslan, PhD Archive Link
10.21.2019 [2019 AICamp] Parameter tuning is a key part of dimensionality reduction via deep variational autoencoders for single cell RNA transcriptomics Qiwen Hu, PhD Archive Link
10.17.2019 [2019 AICamp] AI in Systematic Protein-Protein Interaction Mapping Yang Wang, PhD Archive Link
10.10.2019 [2019 AICamp] Machine Learning & Computational Tools - Hands-on Tutorial of Keras Using the Goggle Colab Platform Kela Roberts; Yang Wang PhD, Archive Link
10.8.2019 [2019 AICamp] Python in a nutshell Christian Kunert, PhD Archive Link
05.5.2019 What is the Expectation Maximization (EM) Algorithm? Kazuki Yoshida, PhD Archive Link